The Marvelous YOUniverse


June 25, 2021

the marvelous YOUuniverse

Check-in with your YOUniverse

In the abstract, there is a universe of thoughts, desires, possibilities, accomplishments, hopes, and truths dancing somewhere between your head and heart at all times. In the physical, miraculous systems you may never lay eyes on are keeping you alive. And the two things are inextricably connected. When one small thing is “off,” everything is affected. marvelous

What if the cheat code to unlock our next life level is elevating our physical health.

This is not another fat-phobic complaint about putting on weight during The Great Pandemic of 2020. Putting on weight is fine and thicccc looks good on you! This is a call to reset your connection with your body and its needs as the pre-work for resetting your mind to accomplish a new goal.

Your body knows what it needs to experience optimal health. Chances are it is screaming at you for some water, a vegetable or two, and a little bit of that good oxygen flow you get when you move your body.

My personal body also screams at me for massages and margaritas, but that’s another topic.

Your body is your personal universe. You are ruler of a galaxy all your own. All of the moving parts are designed to work in tandem and there is an alignment that naturally occurs when we raise the Intention level we are operating on in regard to our physical bodies.

Resetting your relationship with your body might be the very thing you need to reset your energetic relationship with your Intention levels and their impact on your outer world.

Achieve Your Goals Without Sacrificing Your Well-Being

Inner Game Planning is our way of deliberately setting ourselves up for the experience of success each season of life. It’s a different type of planning because instead of asking what do I do? You ask yourself the question…Who do I have to become? The inner game plan guides you through bringing joy, awareness, power, and intention to the way you live every day. Yes, you achieve remarkable results…AND you enjoy the process and fruit of your achievement.

When your “inner game” is right and tight you are unbothered, unshakeable, and “unFwithable”. Things just hit different when your inner game is on point.