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The Inner

Starts June 1, 2020

Mother nature hit the pause button on the world

and while you might be ready to press play, the reality is you're not ready to face the music.

Going "back to normal" is not an option.

And you realize "normal" wasn't necessarily optimal anyway and...

Now, the pull towards intentionally shaping the future of your life in response to a greater calling has become undeniable.

You see, you had a plan. You were on pace to win this year. But the pandemic brought all of your goals, dreams, and to-do's to a screeching halt.

You’ve spent the majority of your life focused on striving and overachieving, and it’s gotten you far.

But it’s now abundantly clear that you need a new approach that replaces effort with intention and prioritizes alignment, flow, and reconnection with your true self, to take you to your next level. 

That's because the rules Have Changed...

As Wayne Dyer profoundly said, "You're a human being, not a human doing". 

Who are you "being" about what you say you want? Answer that question and shift your paradigm to show up at your highest level today...so you can reclaim your power and rewrite your tomorrow.

The Inner Game Plan gives you the tools to align your life with your ultimate well-being and accelerated success.

BEing is the new DOing.


The New Rules

Your "new normal" will require you to go beyond different or better to become someone completely "NEW".  It will require more than the information, inspiration, and motivation offered from feel-good one-off retreats, group programs, events and workshops.

This space and time requires transformation and activation to move forward and reapplying someone else's strategies, techniques and tactics won't cut it this time around either. This is the time to go within and design your own specific solution.  

The Inner Game Plan teaches you an intentional approach to integrating who you are with what you want, and how you'll bring it all into reality.

To get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to become someone you’ve never been.


Your Inner Game is always a match for your outer results. So how do you connect the dots to align the two? The Inner Game Plan closes the Intention Gap between who you are and how you show up to create results.

We deliberately emphasize “intention,” because its importance just simply can’t be overstated. It’s one of the foundational principles to our approach and methodology.

Inner Game always determines outer results.


It’s what closes the gap between who you are and who you’d have to be to achieve your goals. And, it’s quite literally your “secret sauce” that can never be duplicated (only imitated).

Because intention is not about what you’re doing. It’s about who you’re being.

The Inner Game Plan is more than an online program. It’s a personalized process of authentic power that frees you up to transform your world…

...So you can show up with authority and in alignment with who you are and what you truly want.

Intention is what makes your new reality possible.


You have the Power to create your new                

Release the hustle, welcome the flow, and be relieved of the everyday stress, anxiety, and pressure to perform, prove yourself, and keep it together.


Start your days compelled by purpose to work on what you believe in with the people you care about and love. End each day feeling satisfied and like you made a difference in the world.


Prioritize your health and well-being without guilt or struggle and reconnect to your passions and desire as the fuel for your energy and vitality.


Tap into your innate power to produce and create results. Step into the joy and abundance that comes when you stop struggling and sacrificing yourself to achieve your goals.


There's Another Way To Win

Paying the price of health for wealth is not only a contradiction, it's unacceptable.

Over the last 7 years, we’ve helped over 1,000 women and men radically level up their health, wealth and relationships. 

The Inner Game Plan is your 30-day step-by-step Implementation Accelerator where you'll get the answers to your deepest personal questions - answers that will help you define who you are, what you want and why.  And you'll gain access to a divine game plan to finally live out your dreams and goals.  Our spirit-led, science-based, and reality driven process is proven to help ambitious individuals like you get off the sidelines and develop (and execute) an inner game that positions you to reach your most meaningful outer goals.


what's included

tell me What's included

Tell Your Truth: Stop “being honest”. Look within to see and tell your soul's truth. Then Create a “Whole Goal” that lights you up at a deep level.
INvision Your EXperience: Tap into the energetic of your inner spirit and cast your detailed vision from the inside - out.

Design Your Who: Who are you as the highest version of yourself? Declare your "I AM" and define who will you become to create your vision and goal.

Distinguish Your Default: You are not who you’ve been. Uncover and shift the “old” you out of your way and into the service of your soul.

Align Your Anatomy: What’s the purpose of purpose? Finally identify and own what fuels the authentic "you" to greatness.

Elevate Your Intention: Design your high vibing regimen of personal routines and rituals that increase your personal energy and self-mastery.

Create Your Game Plan: Lighten up. Keep it simple. Make it fun. It’s your goal and it’s your game, play to win!

Structure to Win: Life and goals are created in real time. Own your time, own your goal. Learn to plan and schedule your time and create intentionally.

Take Oh Sh!t (OS) Action: Let go of the BS and take action that actually and literally moves you towards your goal.

Going All In and Playing Full Out: What's holding you back? How do you show up as who you say you are, for what you say you want.

Mastering the Default: Practicing radical self-awareness and self-compassion as you learn to master your default self.

Celebration: Have fun, enjoy, experience pleasure as you pursue your goal so you’ll want to do it again and again.


Experience a lifetime of change by investing less than 30-minutes each day. Get on-demand access to the Inner Game Plan teachings based on our Evók BEprint™ methodology. Daily videos combining self-mastery training and executive coaching to help you expand your impact, increase your income, and completely elevate your joy.

Short daily video modules combine self-mastery training and executive coaching on spiritual principles, science-based laws, and real life experience to help you expand your thinking, increase your consciousness, and take meaningful action to achieve your greatest goals.

Every one of our video exercises comes with digital downloads and worksheets, to help you strengthen your inner game and experience soul shifts so you can implement your full Inner Game Plan what you learn over 90 days.

Plus, you’ll get our signature evok INTENTION Planner, which gives you the 90-Day structure to get organized, get clear, get in action, and achieve results.

The Inner Game Plan system shifts you from “doing the most” to being who you truly are at your highest intention. 

The Inner Game Plan leverages our Evók BEprint™ methodology that combines goal setting, INvisioning, game planning, intentional planning, and personal activation all in one structure to create lasting results and see the difference you want in your life.

Quick video teachings to begin each day Intentionally

Simple design ShiftSheets for each Inner Game exercise

90-Day evókINTENTION planner with monthly, weekly, and daily sheets for productivity and creativity

Evók Intention Scale™ and Anatomy of Being design cards 

Being Is the New Doing book content for a deep dive on the power of intention

Take a half-day with Dr. Roni, Radiah and Tawana to walk through your Inner Game Plan process. We want to make sure your IGP is tight! 

As your facilitators, they’ll help you clarify your intention, design your inner game plan, and answer your most pressing questions during a powerful, 4-hour intensive.


Wait, There's More!

I want it all: show Me more!

The benefits don't end here. The Inner Game Plan Accelerator comes with tons of perks that will help you understand and embracing who you are when everything is stripped away

We live in a time when too many people with little experience, jacked up lives, and weak results claim they can help you fix your life. 

The Evók Experts are a team of engineers, energy workers, and real women who are licensed, certified and experienced to walk this achievement journey with you over the next 30 days.

The journey you’re on can be incredibly isolating. When you’re working to shift your reality, it’s easy to just keep repeating cycles that keep you on the hamster wheel - but only if you’re trying to do it alone.

You don’t have to. When you join the Inner Game Plan Accelerator, you’ll be surrounded by some pretty amazing women on a similar journey, who will both stretch and encourage you (but never, ever judge you).

You’ll also have the opportunity to make connections that last a lifetime.

join TODAY

Introductory Enrollment is Open!

let's do this together.

"I got my swag back with greater confidence."

In my first 90-day cycle, I completely relieved a major financial stress, moved to a city I love with a new job, work I love, increased my pay, and have significantly more freedom and abundance.


The results speak for themselves!

"I went from chasing an income to securing a six-figure income." 

I didn't even have the funds to start the program. I went out on faith and through the work, I secured an international position, moved to another country and into a private villa. I walk daily on a beach and fly in the company jet, I am in a place where I am needed.


The results speak for themselves!

"The Evók program is not like any other program I have ever been through. "

They build you up to shift on your own, remain focused and fueled. I have Evók'd my career several levels through this work and I would recommend them to any woman or man, who is ready to see a tangible change in their life.


The results speak for themselves!

The guidance and the discussions were so powerful. I crushed my goals at home and at work, learning to successfully shift during power-meetings and connections. Its amazing!


The results speak for themselves!

"I loved that I felt part of a tribe." 

At the time I had no clue what I was in for. The process was life changing. The powerful women I met, I feel I will always be connected to. Grateful so grateful…


The results speak for themselves!

"Listen... one of the best things that I’ve ever done."

As a result of my Evók experience, I'm less stressed, fulfilled and I show up powerful in spaces where I need to. I created a 5-figure revenue stream from my passion AND made a power move to the perfect role in my day job.


The results speak for themselves!

"I'm less stressed, fulfilled and I show up powerful in spaces where I need to."

"Why hustle when you can simply align?"


The results speak for themselves!

I had the Evók experience in January 2018. Everything Radiah provided, Roni coached and Tawana counseled, I put into action IMMEDIATELY! I had the framework to get it done in 12 weeks, yet I had the courage to get it done in less than a week. And I did! I walked into a strategy meeting for a career that I had not even applied for and secured it within days of the program. Talk about a POWER PARADIGM. Why hustle when you can simply align?

Overworked and running from one meeting to the next.

Mentally exhausted and physically drained at the end of each day

Trapped in toxic, frustrating work cultures or relationships

Guilty about having boundaries (like, feeling compelled to respond to that work email at 11 PM)

Last on our own priority list

Suffering from negative mental, physical and/or emotional health impacts

Addicted to sacrifice and suffering (and believing they are prerequisites for the blessings that come with success)

Drained from Pouring into family and friends - even when you don’t have much, if anything left to give.

They've been telling you that well-being and success are mutually exclusive. They also want you to believe the price of ambition is inner peace and fulfillment.

 But what if we told you that it’s entirely possible to design your life around having both success and well-being (without being trapped in endless cycles of struggle)?

You’ve probably heard that before, right?

And while you might be inclined to believe that next, major life goal is achievable, something has always eluded you - a powerful process to help you make them come to fruition.

Until now.

At Evók, we’re here to help you change that.


And that it's normal to live most days feeling... 

Will the Inner Game Plan work for you?

Click Here to fiNd out

Here's how you'll know you're a fit.

You feel like you should know how to move forward by now (and you low-key feel a twinge of guilt or shame about where you are in a certain area of life).

You want to move into higher level of consciousness and into a space where life is flowing through you as a unique expression.

You need a spirit-led, science-based, and reality-driven process that feels good, gets results and makes sense.

You want to be purposeful, not "find" your purpose.

You understand that getting to the next level won’t be through sheer force or will-power.

You want to make life choices from the deepest parts of you, with peace and sovereignty.

You feel like you’re running out of time, energy and motivation to achieve your next, major life goal (You might even say to yourself: “If I don’t do/achieve ___ by ___, I’ll never do it).

You want to accomplish the next goal quickly and with more ease (without defaulting to sacrifice and struggle).

You want to intentionally live in alignment with your purpose.

You’re aware that success doesn’t just mean having the external parts of your life “together.”

You want to prioritize tightening up your Inner Game and you're committed to reaching the next level.

You’re ready to channel the part of you that is a unique expression of the Divine.

You have the books, the coach, the course... but still struggle with implementation.

We’ve created ONE process that includes personalized training and practical tools, so you can experience profound transformation in the fastest way possible.

Why the inner game plan works

Spiritual Mind Treatment

Evók is a well-being company, founded by Dr. Roni Ellington, Radiah Rhodes, and Tawana Bhagwat.

We came together as engineers, strategists, and transformational thought leaders and created a spirit-led, science-backed and reality-driven process that gets you powerful results - quickly.

Our mission is to free you up to transform the world. That starts by leading the conversation and helping you shift from your head to your heart and from obsessive life-hacks and productivity, to focusing on personal freedom and fulfillment.

About EVóK

But you have the power to decide which ones apply.

The rules may have changed.

Do you have another question that’s not addressed here? Email us at info@evoklife.com.

You’ll have access to the Inner Game Plan Accelerator coaching and community for 30 days.

How long will I get access to coaching from the Evók Experts?

Step 1: You’ll get instant access to the Inner Game Plan training videos, worksheets, Intention Planner, and the community...and all the instructions to properly guide you.

Step 2: During your second week, you’ll be invited to participate in your Half Day virtual intensive, where Dr. Roni, Radiah and Tawana will help walk you through the process of designing an aligned life plan, check in on your process, and answer any questions you have.

Step 3: Your third and fourth week inside will involve you integrating and implementing, while the Evók experts hold space and coach your through execution.

What happens after I join?

While in the Accelerator, you’ll have the opportunity to get weekly hotseat coaching, along with the chance to raise questions and work through challenges during the Half Day Intensive.

Our team offers 1-on-1 and small group coaching for deeper more personalized guidance, accountability, and support. Set up a Power Session to talk more!

I want 1-on-1 coaching. Is that possible?

As a team of Black Women, we understand the unique challenges and the common, collective experiences of high-achieving Black women intimately and we have designed this system from the depths of that experience and lens.

After working with professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs globally from all backgrounds, we know that this process designed from the mind, body, and spirit of Black Women is a HUMAN process that transforms intention and works for those willing to work it. 

Is the Inner Game Plan Accelerator for Black Women only?

Short answer: there are no refunds for the Inner Game Plan. Here’s why…

We believe in our system and have tested it on hundreds of women for over 7 years. We know that it works! When you commit, and maintain a high level of intention, your capabilities are limitless.

AND, we are so confident in our approach and so committed to helping you succeed, that if you do the work and hit your intended result/goal within the 30 days, you’ll earn a FREE, 60-minute 1-on-1 coaching session with either Dr. Roni, Radiah or Tawana in whatever area you’re working on (health, wealth, or relationships).

This powerful session will be like rocket fuel for your progress!

What if I try the program and it just isn’t right for me, or I don’t meet my goal? Will my money be refunded?

The full Inner Game Plan Accelerator includes:

+ Access to the digital trainings
+ Intention Planner
+ Downloadable worksheets
+ Expert coaching and accountability for 30 days
+ Half-day intensive
+ Online community

As with any system, you get out what you put in and we've got you covered.

What does the total investment cover?

The participants who get the best, most long-lasting results are the people who take advantage of and engage in the coaching and community, which is why we offer our expert guidance and accountability for 30 days after enrollment.

That said, this is about being highly intentional. As a principle, we don’t believe in “don’t have time.” We know life can take a turn that legitimately causes you to take a “time out” and we can, and will respect that. However, out of the hundreds of clients we’ve served to date, very few have actually opted to take a time out before completing the course.

We are here to hold you accountable and support you as you stretch yourself to achieve your goal.

What if I start the program and find I just don’t have the time for it? Can I stop, and pick it back up later?

Yes. You can absolutely complete the program faster!

Clients who engage fully see results and achieve their goals quickly. That said, they finish fast, but then they don’t want the program to end so they set a new goal and stay longer.

Remember you’re not only achieving a singular goal, you’re training on a whole new methodology, and building your Intention muscle. As long as it’s strengthening, you keep working it.

Will it take everyone the full 30 days, or can I complete the program faster?

The Inner Game Plan is an intention system that focuses on IMPLEMENTATION of complete goals, clear plans, OS (not BS) Actions, accountability, support, and RESULTS.

Most programs are structured as masterminds or memberships. They have great communities, they feel good, there’s engagement, and there are even some quick wins...but when it comes to fulfilling on the actual goal and promise, those programs fall short or take forever for you to experience transformation.

We designed the system - from the content, to the coaching, to the structure - to make sure you win...period.

How is this program different from other coaching programs? I’ve tried courses and programs that I didn’t work or didn’t work for me.