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Evók Intention Coach & Transformational Facilitator™



"The Function of Freedom is to Free Someone Else."


The Evók Well-Being Methodology™
Goes Beyond Traditional Methods

Welcome to a groundbreaking experience where your capacity to facilitate deep, lasting human transformation expands beyond convention. This is an invitation to dive deep into the essence of human existence and being, offering frameworks and methods that transcend the common and ordinary skills and competencies of coaching and facilitation.

Designed for the conscious practitioner who seeks substance over platitudes, Evók certifications equip you with unlimited capacity to guide others from merely "doing" life to authentically "being." If you are open to learn, have a passion for guiding and coaching others, and desire to make an impact to shift the consciousness of humanity...
Join us!


The Evók Method is founded on the belief that each of us is born sovereign and therefore have the conscious power to be and create outcomes in the present and measured by human intention.

  • Conscious Curriculum
  • Peer + Mentor Coaching
  • Receive 140+ hours of substantive coach training program hours and practicum and earn three certifications
  • Practice and Evaluations
  • Ongoing Coaching and Feedback
  • Plus, you’ll receive 1-1 feedback and support along the way from your peers and professional coaches certified at the highest levels.

We always start at the core with the clear definitions and distinctions of core coaching methodologies.
  • Ontological Philosophy
  • Ethical Practices
  • Client Centered Focus
  • Coaching Agreements

148 Contact Hours
Digital + Live Virtual Instruction (English)

We then dive into the details of impactful transformational models, processes, and skills and put them into practice.
  • Intimacy > Vulnerability
  • Powerful Presence
  • Essential Listening
  • Attuned Awareness
We complete the cycles with advanced coaching practices, process facilitation, and business design + development.
  • Forwarding Client Growth
  • Designing Actions
  • Intention Shifting + Celebration
  • Business BEprint™
APR 23 - JUN 25 

  • 49 Contact Hours
  • Peer Coaching
JUL 2 - OCT 1 

  • 50 Contact Hours
  • Peer Coaching
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching Sessions
  • Assessments
OCT 8 - DEC 17

  • 49 Contact Hours
  • Peer Coaching
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Observed Coaching Sessions
  • Assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Graduation & Certification



Dual Certification program with 140 contact hours of coaching training and practicum.

Graduate as an Evók Intention Coach where you learn foundational and advanced coaching skills integrated with the innovative Evók Methodology.

You will also be trained and certified as an Evók Transformational Facilitator, so you can facilitate The Evók Game Plan™ and BEprinting™ processes.

..And JOIN OUr Conscious Community Of EVÓk Certified Facilitators


Evók Community Platform: Share insights, ask questions, and receive feedback from a supportive network of peers and mentors via our online community platform.

Monthly Facilitator Meetings and Trainings: Attend our monthly meetings and training sessions designed to keep you at the forefront of facilitation and coaching practices. 


Marketing and Sales Support: Graduates gain access to collective marketing and sales initiatives aimed at enhancing visibility and attracting clients.

Promotion within the Evók Ecosystem: Your profile and services will be featured on the Evók platform, connecting you with a wide audience seeking transformational experiences. 


Coaching with Evók Clients: You’ll have exclusive opportunities to work with our diverse clientele, including individuals, executives, and corporate teams.

Project Collaboration Opportunities: You'll also participate in collaborative projects within the Evók ecosystem.


Mentorship from Experienced Practitioners: After graduation, you remain connected to a mentorship network of experienced facilitators and coaches.

Feedback and Reflection Sessions: We provide regular feedback sessions enable continuous improvement and personal growth.


Keisha Bickham

Chief Empowerment Officer
WilliRoc Ventures

"I cannot recommend the Evók Certification program enough for any coach, entrepreneur, or person committed to profound personal growth and transformation. Invest in this training, and you'll gain the keys to unlocking your ultimate potential and that of the clients you serve. "

Pascale Bourne

“I am so thankful that I experienced the Evók program followed by completing the transformation facilitator certification. The program gave me the structure to not only be crystal clear on my goals, but the deep understanding of what it is to be sovereign in my professional and personal goals. My husband, my kids and my clients have all benefited from who I am BEING thanks to Evók!”


"I’m a better person, which then makes me a better everything. Evók Intention Coaching™ is a tether for my soul in the hurricane of this world. What a gift."

Aubrey Burgess

Becoming a certified Evók Intention Coach was a game changer for me. As I guide 36 creatives through my practice,  I can now literally and figuratively hold space for the students and artists I work with to grow with velocity and evolve into that person they once only hoped they’d become.

Myra Herring

"I cannot say enough about Evók! The Evók certification program was one of the major catalysts in my launching my coaching practice and living a life that is Divine and deeply fulfilling! It has a unique ability to get to the core of who you are and help you see that for yourself. I find myself applying the wisdom of the program to all areas of my life. "

Shajmil Smith

Founder & Communication Coach,
Bourne Transformation Group

" As an executive coach, the Evók certification program challenged me to go deeper, but in a methodical, process-driven manner. I experienced my own personal shifting and EXCEEDED my goals.I cannot say enough about what Radiah and Dr Roni have created! It is life changing!!"

National Society of Black Engineers

Principal and Executive Coach Korn Ferry

Founder & Artist Coach
Aubrey Artworks

Founder & Wellness Coach,
Capri Brand

WE'VE BEEN BuilDING This For You

Dr. Roni Ellington

Two engineers, energy workers, and truth telling women, who like you, have a gift, live with purpose, and create impact.

Radiah Rhodes 

A visionary, entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and coach.

Mathematics education professor, inspirational speaker, executive coach, and STEM education scholar and mentor

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For the Coach or Facilitator Who Desires Depth and Authenticity:




Contact us at or 240.326.3865

frequently asked questions

The Evók Certification program stands out due to its deep focus on facilitating human transformation from the core essence of being, rather than traditional coaching methods that often prioritize goal achievement from a "doing" perspective. Our dual certification in both Transformational Facilitation and Intention Coaching, aligned with ICF Level 2 accreditation (Not currently accredited), equips you with a comprehensive skill set that transcends conventional coaching techniques. This program is crafted for those who seek to make a profound difference in the lives of others by guiding them towards living their highest quality of life.

What makes the Evók Certification Program different from other coaching certifications? I’m trying to decide and I'm looking at multiple certification programs?

Our Ideal student is a conscious, intelligent, and experienced leader, coach, or practitioner who values depth, authenticity, and real impact. You're typically skeptical of generic language and methodologies prevalent in the self-help and personal improvement industries and you are seeking a substantial, transformative approach to facilitation and coaching. Busy professionals who are looking for an efficient and effective way to elevate their coaching skills will find this program personally transformation with the ability to powerfully leverage your transformation in all areas of your life.

Who is the ideal candidate for the Evók Certifcation Program?

As a principle, we don’t believe in “I don’t have time.” We know life can take a turn that undeniably causes you to take a “time out” and we can, and will respect that. If this happens, we use our discretion to determine a solution based on your specific situation, how far along you are in the program and your participation and engagement up to the time in question.

However, out of the hundreds of clients we’ve served to date, very few have actually opted to take a time out before completing the work, as they have found this process to be a central guide that transforms their life. 

The participants who experience the best, most long-lasting results are the people who create the time and space to complete the plan and engage in support as needed, which is why the implementation structure is in place. 

We are here to facilitate you through your process as you stretch yourself to transform and realize your goal of certification.

What if I start and find I just don’t have the time for it? Can I stop, and pick it back up later? 

The investment in The Evók Certification Program is $7500, which covers all aspects of the 9-month certification journey, including course materials, live sessions, and expert mentorship. Considering the depth of the curriculum, the dual certification, and the alignment with ICF Level 2 accreditation (not currently accredited, official accreditation to be determined by winter 2024), we believe this program offers significant value for those committed to elevating their coaching practice and making a real difference in the lives of others.

What does the total investment cover? 

Our program is delivered through a blend of online learning modules, interactive live sessions, and workshops, allowing for a flexible learning experience that accommodates the needs of busy professionals. The program also includes hands-on practice and assessments to ensure you can apply the methodologies in real-world settings.

What if I try the process and it just isn’t right for me, or I don’t meet my goal? Will my money be refunded? 

Do you have another question that’s not addressed here? Contact us at or 240.326.3865

So if you’re wanting to be the coach who facilitates transformation…
And if you want to be the provider who can serve their people…
And you know that deep down any of the work that needs to happen comes from your most authentic form and not someone else’s perception…

Then this is the program for you.