Ep #52: Radiah’s Q2 Inner Game Plan™


May 12, 2021

The Power Paradigm with Radiah Rhodes & Dr. Roni Ellington | Radiah’s Q2 Inner Game Plan™

A few weeks ago we talked about Dr. Roni’s Q2 Inner Game Plan and how she was committed to becoming a First Lady of Leisure and Love. This week, it’s Radiah’s turn to reflect on how she has been showing up in 2021 so far and who she wants to be for this next quarter. 

The process of creating and implementing an Inner Game Plan is life-changing. It uplevels your intention, your commitment to that intention, and to who you want to show up as. The shift it requires of your mindset and your actions trickles into every aspect of your life.

Listen in today as Radiah walks us through her Q2 Inner Game Plan and tells us what her game, The Serenity Code, is all about. We invite you to use the plans we share as inspiration for what your own plan could look like. Who do you need to be to have the life you want? What steps are you taking to become that upleveled version of yourself? We’re exploring these questions and more in today’s episode. 


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why fitness goals don’t have to relate to weight loss.
  • How Radiah’s Game Plan has changed since the start of the year.
  • What draws Radiah to gardening.
  • Why the name of her Game Plan is The Serenity Code.
  • How to get out of your current default Inner Game Plan.


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Featured on the Show:

  • Learn how to prioritize your wellbeing without sacrificing your ambition in The Inner Game Plan
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