Except Your Life Continuum of Evolution


July 27, 2021

Embracing Change In Oneself

Clearing Out the “Old”

There is no old and no new. There is only us at different points in our existence in the time continuum and the things we accumulate that represent us in those moments. Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh compares our personal journey through the past, present, and future to the life of a flower. The flower only blooms for a period of time in its life. Sometimes it is a seed. Sometimes it is a budding stem. Sometimes it blooms. Sometimes it wilts. Sometimes it is decomposing organic matter, enriching the soil for next season’s blossoms. At every point in this flower’s life cycle it is itself. It is the blooming flower as it returns to compost and it is compost as it brightly flourishes. No matter the point our “seeing” collides with the flower’s “being”, it is still the flower. Even when it is beyond recognition, it is still the flower.

There is no old flower or new flower. There is no old you or new you. There are no old things to get rid of or new things to acquire that impact who we are in this moment more than the moment itself. At best, we can breathe in and connect with the person we are, the soil we are planted in, the sun that shines on our face, the nutrients that help us grow, and the experiences that water us. 

Living In The Moment

Feel the season you are in. Feel the point in time you are in. Who we were or who we are becoming do not define us more than the totality of our journey. We are on our own life continuum of evolution and who we are being right now is all we can be fully accountable for. It is the energetic power we have the authority to infuse into time itself. 

Close your eyes and take a spirit walk through your day. Walk through your workday, your home, your check-ins with loved ones. Do the people, places, and things reflect the space you truly hold at this point in your personal journey? 

Excepting Growth

Breathe in connection. Breathe out and clear out anything that belongs to your past or your imagined future that does not align with your right now. 

That which does not tend to your present self with the tenderness and care of a growing life can be released. That which comes to strengthen you is survivable. That which comes to celebrate you can be embraced. Those who come to nurture you can be received openly. This is just the point in our lives that it is. We are here and we get to decide what and who gets to be here with us. 

So, breathe in clarity and breathe out clutter. Breathe in purpose and breathe out chatter. Breathe in the higher levels of Intention, Sovereignty and Surrender. Breathe out Suffering and Sacrifice. Breathe in the presence of abundance and breathe out to clear out anything you don’t want to trip over on your way to your season of extended blossoming.