Who makes the rules for your success?


August 20, 2021

The World’s Leading You Expert

Whose voice do you hear when you plan out your life? Who makes the rules for your success? Is it you? When we are tiny humans so much of our lives are determined by our surroundings. Our youth informs so many of our current decisions and defines many of our behaviors. Once, it existed as our reality. Now, it lives as memories embedded into the fiber of our being and woven into the stories we tell about who we are. For better or worse, to a degree, those moments are informing us right now. Take a moment to sit and look back. 

Who was the person you were before anyone else had a say? You are the only person with full access to your thoughts, experiences, and inner workings. You are the most trustworthy person to consult for the answers. You’ve known yourself longer than almost anyone in the world. You’ve been you for a long time. You are a “you” expert. 


Who were you at 9 and what did you want for your life? How about 14 or 20? Do you feel connected to these versions of yourself? Did the world affirm your dreams? Did your community celebrate you? Did your relationships grow you? Did you become what you wanted to be or who you believed you had to be? You know who you were and who you are. Now, who would you like to become?

Transformation is a process of constant self-discovery and conscious self-determination. There is a lifetime of experiences within us all that informs our words and actions. The energy we carry to keep, cover, or celebrate the amalgamation of our experiences permeates our lives. At the very least, we owe ourselves honesty about who we are because of, or in spite of them. Sitting in a deep knowing of ourselves gives us each the power of creation. You have full authorship of the person you become because you have a full knowing of the person you have always been.