When You’re The Goal You Can’t Miss The Mark


August 9, 2021

Miss the Mark

When you’re the goal you can’t miss the mark. It is tradition for us to set new goals at the beginning of each new year. This is a safe space, so we can tell the truth about some things. The annual process often means we put many of the same old, unrealized goals back on our new list. It’s a setup. Maybe we are hopeful that this will be the year these goals or dreams or plans become real. Maybe we tread lightly and dream a little smaller for fear that our deepest desires are simply unattainable. 

Let’s have an honest conversation about what’s really standing between your vision and reality? Strategizing doesn’t work. Resolutions don’t work. Vision boards don’t work. These anecdotal methods don’t go deep enough because who you are “being” remains the same. You are the same person, doing the same or maybe even different things and expecting a revolutionary outcome. 

Many easily accessible practices help you dream or create another list of obligations. There is so much room to miss the mark and potentially internalize the failure as some personal shortcoming, like a “lack of motivation” or something you just didn’t get to. This leaves room for doubt to creep in and plant all kinds of insidious seeds in your heart and mind. The process itself is a setup for helplessness and hopelessness. 


Let go of that tired game of cat and mouse you’ve been playing with your goals and align your process with the power of intention. This process begins with a shift in the way you use the word “intention” itself. When I ask people what intention means, they usually describe it interchangeably with their objectives or goals. At best they’ll say something like, “Setting intentions means focusing on your end goal or being purposeful.” (Cue digital vision board party) This use of the word reduces “intention or Intentions” to something you need to do or get in order to have what you want. It adds another thing to your list of 50-11 things you already have to do. You and I both know that you may not get to all of them by the end of the day, week, or even year. Intention becomes just a fancy way of saying maybe. Therein lies the setup.

When I AM an intention, I embody the spirit of whatever it is I want to Be, Have, or Do. Failure inevitably becomes impossible. When you are Intention (vs have intention) you can own it. You can touch, see, and intimately feel who you’re being and how you’re showing up for what you want. You become the very embodiment of life and empower every action in alignment with the goal called YOU. How you gon fail at being you? How? It’s not even possible. 

Intention is the life hack that offers infinite amounts of grace and acknowledges the “flaws” of my humanity. If I AM a sovereign, goal-crushing, easy-going, satisfied person at my core then that’s the energy I bring to everything I do, period. Everything I do leads to a win because I am 100% THAT person. I am liberated to trust that I am who I say I am and as such, I will get the shit done that I said I would, in the necessary time that serves my best interests. Intention automatically becomes the language of fulfillment & success. Put that on everything.