We Who Believe In Freedom


August 20, 2021


Sweet Honey In the Rock sings, “We who believe in freedom can not rest until it comes.” Beyonce sings, “I break chains all by myself. Won’t let my freedom rot in hell.” It has been a fight. It has been a struggle. It has been a dream. It has been a plan. We are happy to formally announce that we are officially at the part where freedom is a matter of exercising our authority. 

As such, we would like to propose the following remixes:

“We who believe in freedom take time to sow joy into our lives and believe our story has a happy ending, regardless of our beginnings. We who believe in freedom sit and rest when we are tired. We who believe in freedom have access to the resources and voting power to affect meaningful change. We who believe in freedom co-conspire with those among us who have less power. We who believe in freedom say and do what serves our wellness. We who believe in freedom love our lives and each other with all our might” and… “Freedom, freedom, I just moved. Freedom, I can choose (Yeah). Freedom, freedom, here and true. ‘Cause I know freedom too. Chains stay broke cause we raised hell. The doors are open, now we’re here. I’ma keep trusting that alignment don’t lie on itself.”