Understanding Your Inner Voice


August 27, 2021

Compassionate Listening

Have you ever looked back over your life and realized there was something or someone you told yourself you liked that you were actually just tolerating? I’d like to say I have always trusted and obeyed that still, small voice. But, that just isn’t true. The most memorable examples of the times I did the opposite (on purpose) have names. Intuitive “yes” and “no” answers are sometimes sabotaged by our own inner voice. 

Even with a deep sense of self, the voices we hear in our private thoughts may not always be our own. We have the ability to look back into our personal history, find some of their origins, and rewrite the narrative if necessary. Does your default inner voice really belong to you? Is it a parent encouraging you? Is it an important figure in your life criticizing or chastising you? Is it the repeated mantra of a teacher or mentor? Who is narrating the story as it loops in your head, especially when you feel vulnerable? 

If you haven’t already done this, train your inner voice to speak to you truthfully and compassionately, like a friend. Practice active, compassionate listening with yourself and resist the urge to dismiss or sugarcoat your thoughts. Sit quietly, give yourself your full attention. Listen to your thoughts without judgement. Don’t interrupt them to invalidate them, let them finish. Hold your own hand, ask yourself open ended, clarifying questions when thoughts pop up, like “Who told you that? What makes you believe that’s true? Is there more?” If other thoughts come up, make a commitment to focus and breath. No matter what comes up, be content knowing that it just is. 

Changes In Vision

When you make a commitment to be a new version of yourself that inner voice may try some sneaky things. Please, please don’t fret. Your inner voice is not some unruly version of your thoughts that needs to be beaten into submission. It is information worthy of listening to and understanding. Understand it and then bless it with the love you would offer a friend.

The time will come when your inner voice will be in greater alignment with your vision. You can be free from the sacrificing and suffering that don’t serve your expansion. When your inner voice is in alignment with your purpose elevation is simply inevitable. 

Maybe your inner voice is a G. Again, please don’t fret. If compassionate listening doesn’t work the first time, be patient, it will. In the meantime, tell the chatter that doesn’t line up with your purpose to be quiet so you can listen to your purest voice. Say it out loud if you need to, “Shut up! You don’t know me!” Tell it Evok sent you.