This Is A Check-in For Our Wellness


August 27, 2021


In the year two thousand and twenty, one great lesson we have all learned is that our individual health is connected to that of the collective. You don’t need another dissertation about the burden BIWOC carries so the world can be a better place. This isn’t that message. This is a check-in. Because your health is important to me and my health is important to you. We are invested in each other’s wellness and I want us both to flourish. Whatever your personal experience of 2020 may be, I think we can all agree that this year has been wild. So, in the name of all of our wellbeing, breathe. 

Focus on your breath. Place every thought and feeling focused “out there” and put it back into your body. Allow the clean, crisp winter air to fill your lungs. Or, if you’re like me, allow the moderately cool air inside your centrally heated home to fill your lungs. Hold that breath for a moment and let it float to your head. Breathe out and let whatever you’re carrying go. 

Breathe in and out, placing your energy and attention back into your body. Thank your mind for processing the day. Thank your nervous system & your cardiovascular system. Thank the organs and limbs you have, one by one. Place your attention and energy into your body, bit by bit. Check-in with your body, and show you some love. Welcome home. You really are doing great.