Sometimes We Are The Preacher And The Choir


August 20, 2021

The Preacher and the Choir

There are two entities in the old adage, “You’re preaching to the choir.” The first is the preacher or the person delivering a “message,” and the second is the choir or the folks who are already assumed to approve of the message and follow the preacher’s direction. 

This analogy can bring up feelings about the necessity of agreement or collaboration from the group in order to make progress happen. This analogy can bring up feelings about the assumption of opposition. Like, if the preacher were not speaking to a group of people who don’t already agree then the message would be met with some form of conflict.

While we do love the ease of a good community effort and the support associated, sometimes it just isn’t available. Sometimes the “message” is ours to “preach,” receive, and mobilize on behalf of, regardless of others agreement or disbelief. Sometimes we are the preacher and the choir, solo artists on a street corner with a mic and sound system, youtube cover artists recording on a laptop from their bedroom at night. Sometimes we are the preacher and the choir, until further notice. 

While it is nice to have believers, it is our job as visionaries to be our first zealots. Our gift is that we can connect to the spirit of our passion unlike any other. We are the ones who nurture the truth in our spirit and are able to connect most purely to the spark that lights us up from the inside.

Those around us may not be able to see it until they see it. They may not be able to see it until we “be” it. And then, like a beacon, we shine so brightly that our “choir” finds us. Aligned opportunities see us from afar because the energetic power of our Intention vibrates on its frequency. The channel we stay on is the channel our goal is on. 

One may even argue that if you don’t go within and seek the clarity necessary to embody the vision you are tasked to bring forth into reality, we (the people waiting to support you) can’t see it. We are physically and practically unable to see what you see. Your future “choir” needs you to work that sh*t out so we don’t end up in a state of inspired stagnation. We are willing to believe in you and support you but we can’t see what you see clearly until you do the inner work to clarify it for yaself. Our movements are aligned with your leadership. So, hop up on stage, project your voice, and let that thang thang. We are singing in the key of Intention (Sovereignty) and the universe is set to harmonize.