The Influence Of The Divine Masculine


August 27, 2021

The Divine Masculine

The influence of the divine masculine has been a transformational source of love and care in my life that cannot be matched. The people who embody the divine masculine have planted themselves alongside the developing child in me and the children I am raising. When the question arises, “Who will show this child the ways of the outside world? Who will answer their questions and model the values they hold dear?” it is the divine masculine who steps in and answers, “I will.” 

Thank you fathers who embody, express, and amplify the divine masculine. Thank you, divine masculine, for being a teacher who let me ask big questions and for helping me make sense of the world so I could know myself within it. Thank you, divine masculine, for showing up and being trustworthy. Thank you, divine masculine, for doing your very best to balance the responsibilities of parenthood and raising yourself in a changing world. 

The work of evolution is never done and it is a great honor to be raised by someone who wants to grow into their full self. It is a great pleasure to parent alongside someone who wants to evolve. Thank you for being alive in your being, divine masculine. Thank you for giving us your influence and support, divine masculine. It is a gift to know you and a pleasure to celebrate you for your fatherhood. Divine masculine, you raise us all up. Today we speak love over your life and gratitude for the energy we carry because of you! Happy Father’s Day, divine masculine dads!