The Abundance of Unboxing Day


August 27, 2021

My Inner Game Plan

Something beautiful happened on unboxing day. That’s what I’m calling January 15th of 2021,  the day I opened my very first Inner Game Plan box. There was already something intensely calming about holding the “answer” in my hands. It was as soothing as the rose quartz crystals I keep on me (In my bra, next to my heart. Shhhhhh!) when I need to remember to channel love over everything. Both are things I can touch that make the unseen seem a little more manageable. Both things let me “hold onto” a mental shift that instantly infuses very specific energy into the day. Let me tell you, on day one of my Inner Game Plan, the box and the power of Intention did not disappoint. 

About three months ago I made a promise to myself to keep fresh flowers in my home. It’s one of those things I always wanted but talked myself out of, in the name of practicality. But three months ago something clicked. They bring me joy and I am worthy of a “frivolous” reminder that my casual happiness is enough of an occasion. There were two bouquets in my home the morning of the unboxing day. 

At around noon I sat down to open the carefully wrapped gifts, workbook, planner, and board. (I recorded the occasion and posted it in our Inner Game Plan Facebook group if anyone wants to be excited with me.) At around 1:30pm there was a knock at the door. It was a flower delivery from a friend who simply wanted to make me smile. In the name of abundance, God saw fit to have her send me not one, but two bouquets. One was white lilies and the other yellow and orange tulips. 

I’ve never had more flowers in my home at one time than I did on unboxing day. I casually asked the universe, “Is today my birthday?” To which it responded, “Something like that.” Behold the abundance of unboxing day as an evidence that as I am on the path to becoming someone more glorious and so is the world around me. In case you were wondering, the flowers, my Inner Game, and my casual experience of joy and abundance are blooming.