Sense of Self


June 23, 2021

How to develop a sense of self

The life we’ve constructed is a mosaic made from pieces of our sense of self we developed as children, the things we learned about life through relationships with other people, and our connection to the world at large. At any given moment, our ideas about who we are and what we want might be informed by these influences. 

A host of outside voices and experiences loop in our minds and hearts masquerading as our thoughts, parading as our stories. These and our own, authentic feelings are busy developing the work of art we call our lives. Some pieces of our life mosaic were placed there for us and we put some in place before we understood the bigger picture. Some parts of our life mosaic are really freaking beautiful and took a lot of work and some we’d desperately like to change. Either way, the mosaic is ours. 

As we go forward with a renewed understanding of Intention, we can discern between the thoughts that belong to the people (including us) who pieced together the current picture and the sovereign voice within that has determined to take things in a new direction. 

A Conscious Connection

We are the artists with the vision. It is a product of our imagination and no one can see it as clearly as we do until we create it. It’s not their job to, because we are the artists. 

Take a moment to honor the importance of your beautiful life mosaic and the authority you have in its creation. The energetic power of each thought is a colorful tile of glass, playing some role in the big picture. Only you can invent them and place them. You are the mastermind behind the masterpiece. 

You are qualified and trustworthy. Consciously connect with your vision and begin creating your best work of art.