Ep #87: How to Generate Real Internal Power


February 28, 2024

The Power Paradigm™ | How to Generate Real Internal Power

You might think the key to doing something new with your life is learning some new skills and making a strategy for success. However, this process requires real identity transformation. In facilitating transformation, a prevalent and emerging phenomenon we’ve been encountering in our work is projection. 

When things aren’t going right, it’s natural to want to blame something external and hold that as the reason why things aren’t going your way. However, everything that we observe in the world is a projection of what’s happening internally. Your outer world is a projection and reflection of your inner world, and if you seek a different experience, this is where your power lies.

If you’re tired of the world around you impacting the work you’re doing out here, this episode is for you. We’re giving you real-world examples of how projection makes you the victim, and you’ll learn how to start living from a place of internal power so you can process the threats around you and stop them from disrupting your internal stability.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why external challenges are significant, but you have power in the face of them.
  • How we’ve become increasingly victimized by our external world.
  • Why your outer world is a projection of your inner world and who you are.
  • Real-life examples of people giving away their power through projection.
  • How to check your beliefs about your workplace, society, and the world in general.
  • Why your perception of harm reflects your own sense of power.
  • How to stand in power and assurance in the face of threat, harm, and imperfection.


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