Our Default’s Design


July 30, 2021


My, how you’ve grown! We may have been taught to build a life for ourselves but I don’t remember many messages about editing it as we grow. I recall being taught to get more and do more but not how to lighten the load for liberation. The things we have, the relationships we’ve developed, and the places we go are so because we made them that way. They are elements of our own design. Rather, our default’s design. So what do we do when the life we made and the life we know is too much in every way? 

We embark on a process of discovery and then we widdle out the excess. When Intention is at the heart of the process we may be faced with the truth of what we truly need to be joyous and what we simply cannot let go of. There is a distinction between the things our default is attached to and the things we actually need for freedom. One could argue that when placed on lists and compared side-by-side, the list of things we need to be free is far shorter. This is because our freedom does not lie in the quest to do more and have more. Like The Afrominimalist says, “less is liberation.” 

Freedom is in the editing. Freedom is in honoring the wisdom we’ve gained and revised our life accordingly. Freedom is in gratitude for the people and things we really love. Freedom is in decluttering the energy leaks. Freedom is in letting go. Freedom is in good stewardship. Freedom is in Intention. And we, the embodiments of sovereignty that we are, do not carry things that do not serve the elevation of our highest selves. We kiss them good night, baby! 

Alexa, play “I Am Everything” by Beautiful Chorus.