Ep #81: Are You Moving or Moved?


February 15, 2023

The Power Paradigm™ | Are You Moving or Moved?

What’s the difference between moving versus just feeling moved? Moving means you’re experiencing life and creating what you want, moving towards connection. Feeling moved means you feel touched in the moment, like an emotional jolt, and you’re just sitting with it. So, are you moving, or are you moved?

Are you truly aware of how you’re showing up, how you’re moving, and whether these are aligned with what matters to you? When you connect these pieces, that’s the magic of living life. That’s when you can move yourself, and in this episode, we’re showing you how to shift your experience and experience real movement.

Tune in this week to discover whether you’re moving or being moved. We’re sharing our experiences of moving and being moved, and how to consciously take on those movements in the way you live, so those moments where you’re feeling moved are taking you in a direction that serves you.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference in experience between moving versus being moved.
  • Why you can be moved by something without actually living into that truth.
  • How we often think we’re moving when we’re just being moved.
  • Why being moved is an addictive experience and the downsides of relying on being moved instead of moving.
  • What you can do to see where your time, energy, and attention is currently going.
  • Why being both moved and moving is vital for living an aligned life.
  • How to allow yourself to be moved in a direction that serves you.

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