Ep #5: Meet Jedi, Global HR Guru, and Executive Coach Extraordinaire Tawana Bhagwat


November 13, 2019

This week on the podcast, we’re introducing you to another one of our team: our resident Jedi Tawana Bhagwat.

Tawana is an organizational leader with a bold, unapologetic approach. She is masterful at helping individuals declutter their past, grasp opportunities and gain proper perspective of their potential for greatness. Tawana is equal parts executive coach, change agent, strategic planner and entrepreneur. Her vision knows no limits and her approach to organizational leadership and personal transformation are rooted firmly in the belief that in order to be their best, an individual must be honest with themselves and bring clear intentions to all that they do.

In this episode, Dr. Roni interviews Tawana about how she came to be part of Evók, how she brings her natural coaching gift to her work, and how she helps people shift into their most authoritative selves. We talk about how her twenty years of global HR experience helps her see other people’s actions and intentions with clarity, especially when she combines this experience with her compassionate yet clear-eyed approach to coaching.

Finally, we talk about the three As that guide our work – authenticity, alignment, and authority – and talk about how Tawana lives these every day.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How Tawana became part of our Evók team.
  • Why her approach to coaching and transformation is such a powerful one.
  • How Tawana combines her global HR experience and deep compassion in her work with executives.
  • Why we think it’s so important for people to step into their true authority.
  • What Tawana looks for when evaluating whether someone is out of their authority and alignment.
  • Tawana’s powerful one-minute advice for everyone listening.


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