Ep #8: What It Really Means to Live Your Best Life


December 4, 2019

You’ve definitely heard or seen the phrase “living my best life” around, especially if you have Instagram. Usually, “living my best life” is the caption of a picture of a far away, beautiful, relaxing place. Sometimes it’s a picture of family and joyful celebration. But can we only live our best lives in these small moments? Or can we live our best lives more often?

Dr. Roni brought this idea to us today to explore, and we had a great discussion about how we can apply our transformational work to this concept. While we all have a different perspective on the idea of living your best life, we believe in some of the same fundamental truths.

In this week’s episode, join us as we dig into how we can live our best lives and why it’s worth it to try to do so. Each of us talks about how to live a life that you don’t have to escape from, the small things that make the biggest differences, and what it feels like to be equipped for whatever life is going to bring you.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What people typically mean by “living my best life” and why we want to expand that concept.
  • Why living your best life doesn’t have to be confined to vacations or holidays.
  • How little shifts in the everyday aspects of life can make a huge difference.
  • The importance of freedom and choice when building your best life.
  • What we mean by feeling equipped to handle whatever life hands you.
  • How to turn living your best life into a continuation – not just a bunch of disconnected moments.

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