Isolation As a Catalyst for Introspection


August 27, 2021


The past twelve months have been transformational for everyone. Outside ain’t outside anymore and what goes on inside of our hearts and minds has likely undergone some change as a result. The world outside has been reduced to the grocery store, the walk outside to get all of those packages you ordered or walk the dog, maybe a drive to your mama’s house, and if you’re really fancy a trip to go pick up takeout. The distractions, busyness, and vices we ran to, mindlessly or in the spirit of productivity, are no longer optional diversions. For the past twelve months we have found ourselves face to face with the truth about the world we’ve created, inside. 

What is this world you created for yourself? When you sit in your house with you and your life, does it feel like the home you really need? In the absence of the coping mechanisms, diversionary tactics, and numbing behaviors we were left to deal with our mess. We owe some of these things, the vices and escapes, a debt of gratitude for they have been the crux of our survival (and quite possibly saved some people from our unfiltered wrath a time or two) over time. Without them there are parts of us that have been forced into the light and something deep within us knows that if we deny them space or avoid the discomfort of healing, we will never know or commit to our life’s potential. 

Ice Cream in a Hot Mess

It’s like you can see the ice cream cone melting and are faced with two choices: Stay in the heat and tire yourself out trying to lick faster than the mess, or walk yourself into an air conditioned room so you can sit down and take your time. Two people can be in the identical situation and respond completely differently. Yes, there are differences in their actions. But, more importantly, there are differences in their instincts. There is something inherently varying in a person who chooses one way or the other. Their insides ain’t the same. You created the life you have. If you want a different one, transform you, the creator. Hot days are a part of life. Become the person who instinctively, effortlessly makes the decision to go inside. 

How do your instincts inform your liberation? Do they bind you to a life of avoidance? Are your habits repressing feelings around some bit of your reality you should consider leaving behind? Have you been settling for circumstances you could walk away from? Are you striving, wishing, and wanting for something that seems out of reach? Are you afraid of losing control? What questions and answers have come up in the last twelve months, in the absence of diversions? What truths do you already know? 

Everything we are is the result of the energy we embody. The Intention beneath our words, movements, actions, beliefs, self-talk, relationships, careers, etc is the energetic force that powers our life. This is why we can’t “do” something to change. We have to become change itself. We have to shift the level of Intention we carry in our body and become liberated sovereign beings. 

What’s that like, you ask. It means you are fully present with your power and have the authority to confidently align your life with your truth. If that sounds abstract or impossible, don’t worry, we got you. Intention is the DNA of our system. You’re in the right place. This is the part where something shifts in you so everything flows. Welcome.