Freedom Firestarter and The Flames That Burn So Bright


July 27, 2021

Freedom Firestarter 

Every time one of us makes a decision to be a little more free and it shows in some way on the outside, the rest of us see it. Your freedom gives me permission to be free in that way because it looks so good on you. You are my example and I am yours. It dares me to be more free in a way that’s right for me because I may be the ember for a fire I might not ever see clearly enough to trace back to myself. I hope our collective flames burn so bright and so hot that we all feel it. I hope our collective elevation is fierce and permanently moves obstacles with the languid fluidity of lava. 

I see you trying something new and winning at it. Your glow motivates me. Every time we level up I feel a “pop!” It is like the sound a soda bottle makes when you break the seal and let a tiny bit of the pressure out. It is like the perfect back crack that travels up your spine. If taking your shoes off at the end of a long, walking day and putting them directly into a warm water basin were a sound it would be that “pop.” It is the silent shifting of laws and regulations that protect vulnerable populations and provide opportunities that weren’t previously available. It is the sound of our breakthroughs happening in unison.

Our collective elevation is a series of very satisfying “pops.” Our collective elevation is a quilt of personalized squares. The more you live your best life, the more beautiful our quilt gets. Pass THIS freedom on. Our freedom is my favorite family heirloom.

I see you making time to sit with your suffering. Your healing motivates me. I’m so thankful we made it and I’m so glad you’re here for your rebirth. We are in metamorphosis and everyone knows. They see us because, even on the days when we are mess within a chrysalis, we are bound to be blindingly beautiful. And each time our butterfly-selves spread our wings to share our colors everyone else sees. There is power in visibility. Our beauty is contagious. Our light is catchy. Our spark is a wildfire.