Entrepreneurship Is In You


July 27, 2021

An Entrepreneurs DNA

Hustle is optional when the flow is natural. If entrepreneurship is in you, it is IN you and the desire to take that flicker and turn it into a flaming hot movement keeps you up at night. Maybe it is in “a striving for your goal” kind of way. Perhaps it is in a “I wish I had the time” kind of way. Maybe it is in a “I have given my all for this so it had better work” kind of way. Maybe it is in a “well, if it happens, it happens” kind of way. Whichever experience rings most truly, if entrepreneurship is in you, it calls to you. The voice of our inner thoughts is absolutely the voice of our Intention. So, the calling calls in the voice we give to it. Telling the truth about where we are as an Intention, who we really need to be to manifest our passion and what it takes to align grand visions with the truth of our heart’s joy is a daily undertaking. 

If the calling has yet to come to pass it is a side-eye from within that looks at the things we do to avoid our calling with the loving confrontation of a thousand aunties. If that thang is thangin, there is a different way we walk. Embodying our calling shifts the way we engage with  everything! In and outside of the lived experience of business ownership, an entrepreneur’s relationship with the goal can be such a major player in emotional and spiritual wellness. It may define our perception of fulfillment and wellness. 

Embodying our calling is accessible before, after, and during the development of the full picture and we love that for us. It means that we simply ARE entrepreneurs. If it is in you, it was in you in middle school and it will still be in you in your retirement. Being yourself is easy work! Entrepreneurship is the flavor we infuse into the economy… always have. Entrepreneurship, creative survival, and the eye for taking what “is” and turning it into an experience is the stuff we are made of.