Coming Out Of This Pandemic Changed


August 9, 2021

Post-Pandemic Feels

Do you ever wonder what a chick is thinking the moment before it pecks through its eggshell or what a baby thinks on its way through the birth canal? What if that sweet chickadee, of the human or fowl variety, was a full-grown adult? Because that’s how I feel coming out of this pandemic and breaking out into the world outside. 

Considering my experience with language thus far, my first words would be expletives that carry the sentiment of a baby’s first cries. I’m fairly certain some of you have a few of your own that come to mind. Let us take a moment to collectively shout them into the ether, a pillow, or at our exes. So, that’s out now. I have a question for you. How are you doing, really? If you don’t feel like answering like Meghan Markle and telling the press the truth, are you willing to tell a friend, your therapist, your mama, or yourself?

Change Is Nothing New To Us

We are generationally built to survive all the flavors of global pandemic history has had to offer. Many of us have even found new pathways to our passion and purpose in the rubble. That is our way. But, like, how are you feeling? What parts of “outside” are you either keeping or letting go of? What default speak has reemerged that is more aligned with you of 2019 than you today? Are you pushing down discomfort and pushing through like we used to? What is your 2021 Intention hitting for and who are you being about these seemingly familiar but all-together different spaces/places/roadways/lines/relationships/gatherings/jobs/et-effing-cetera?

We getting up and walking like a giraffe or an alpaca… day one… just feet to the ground? Or, are we big-headed human babies who can’t even roll over on their own? Whatever the f**k it is, please be safe out here. We are rooting for us all and we are so thankful that you choose to spend this time with us, together, making the best of another day and another opportunity to live this one life to the best of our ability! We really do love you and we are so proud of the person you are molding yourself into here.