Ep #74: The Truth About Accountability


April 13, 2022

The Power Paradigm with Radiah Rhodes & Dr. Roni Ellington | The Truth About AccountabilityAccountability is something we want to talk about because it’s overused – like a lot of words – and it’s lost a lot of its meaning. The way accountability gets used, it’s filled with retribution, injustice, and blame, and we’re exploring how we can start using accountability as a support mechanism instead of a way to find fault.

What does accountability look like when it’s actually a tool for possibility and growth? We’ve both had the experience of resisting and redefining accountability in our own lives, personally and professionally. We’ve experienced serious transformation from that place, and the same is possible for you too.

Tune in this week to discover how to start taking full accountability in pursuit of your goals. We’re sharing how properly defining and embodying accountability has transformed so much of what we’re doing, why so many people resist being accountable in the first place, and where you can make the choice to bring more accountability into your own life.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the way we think about accountability has become twisted.
  • The game we’ve been playing for this past month and how accountability has changed everything.
  • What makes us resistant to being accountable, even for ourselves.
  • The importance of being powerful with the gap and telling an empowering story around the progress you haven’t made yet.
  • Why using accountability as a data point brings so much lightness and potential.
  • Where we try to rationalize but end up telling ourselves rational lies.
  • How to bring more accountability into your Inner Game Plan.


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