Ep #76: It’s Your Choice


May 11, 2022

The Power Paradigm | It’s Your Choice

What do you want? This is a question that comes up all the time with our clients, and a lot of the time, they have no idea how to answer. They believe that life isn’t about what they want, it’s about what they have to do and what’s required of them by other people. This is a paradigm we need to unpack, and that’s what we’re here for on this episode.

How do you go from living with a mindset of obligation and shift to a place of choice in your life? Today, we are talking about the notion of choice. So, whatever you’re telling yourself you have to do, we want you to listen in this week because there are much more powerful energies to operate from.

If you’re tired of just getting through the day doing what you’ve got to do, you need to tune in this week. We’re discussing why so many people don’t see the choice available to them and even resist the idea that they have a choice, and we’re showing you how to decide for yourself what you truly want in this life.

If you’re an existing coach, an aspiring coach, or any kind of leader who wants to become more masterful at facilitating a deep and sustained shift within your people, we’re inviting you to apply for our Inner Game Plan Facilitation Certification Program. We’re building an army of game-changers who are going to help flip that switch to living an abundant life, and we want you to be a part of it.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why, even though it doesn’t always feel like it, you always have a choice.
  • How so many people have been unknowingly ignoring their ability to choose for pretty much their whole lives.
  • Our experiences of living from obligation, and how we’ve since started exercising our ability to choose.
  • How triggers and stressors inhibit our ability to see the choices we have in those difficult moments.
  • Why working your own way out of the struggle always takes longer than asking for the help you want and need.
  • How to see and exercise the free will you have to choose, even when doing so seems impossible.


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