Ep #71: How to Experience Evolved and Elevated Relationships


March 2, 2022

The Power Paradigm with Radiah Rhodes & Dr. Roni Ellington | How to Experience Evolved and Elevated Relationships

We have been designing a relationship model inside of our EVÓK methodology, all about intention around who you’re being. The idea of who you are is what gives rise to your experience and how your life occurs to you, and this is especially true in relationships.

If you get to the source of who you’re being, you unlock the possibilities of life. And when it comes to relationships, we don’t see other people as they are. We see them through the lens of who we are and who we define them to be in our world. So we’re bringing you a way to give yourself a deep insight into the connections you’re experiencing, starting with the self.

Tune in this week to discover how to come at your relationships from a place of oneness. We’re discussing how to align your projection of yourself with the identity of your partner, and how to experience more harmony and truth in your relationships.

If you’re an existing coach, an aspiring coach, or any kind of leader who wants to become more masterful at facilitating a deep and sustained shift within your people, we’re inviting you to apply for our Inner Game Plan Facilitation Certification Program. We’re building an army of game-changers who are going to help flip that switch to living an abundant life, and we want you to be a part of it.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why relationships are 100% zero.
  • How to see how your perception of yourself contributes to how you see others in your relationships.
  • The shifts our relationships have experienced and how we have gained clarity around them.
  • Where to look to find the purpose and objective of bringing somebody else into your life, and the energy you’re showing up in.
  • How to become a vessel from which relationships emerge, instead of forcing or begging for connection.


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