Ep #42: Who Are You? That’s the Question


February 24, 2021

Who Are You? That’s the Question

Listeners of this podcast might identify themselves as high-performers; successful, confident, intelligent women. Maybe you’re also a kind, patient leader in your family and in your job.

But no matter your intention for who you want to be, there are always going to be times that test you. Like when your kid is up in arms about doing their homework and you find yourself cussing them out. In those moments, do you still know who you are?

In this episode, Radiah and Dr. Roni pose one of their favorite questions: who are you? They explore the factors that contribute to your being and how you can still choose another game regardless of those factors. Learn how to inquire into what makes you you, how to listen to your body, and why no one gets to tell you who you are but you.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why your characteristics aren’t necessarily who you are.
  • How we get attached to our identities.
  • How to inquire into who you’ve been and who you want to be.
  • Why authentic shifts may be needed to play a bigger game.
  • How your body tells you if something is or isn’t right for you.
  • What happens when you find yourself misaligned with who you are.

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