Time For Yourself


June 24, 2021

Mindful Moment, Time For Self

Is It Really Them or Me?

Love is limitless. There is more than enough for everyone, at the same time, and it will never run out. As such, it is absolutely possible for each of us to give ourselves the love and care we need without “taking it away” from the people or priorities that mean the most to us.

So, why do feelings of guilt sometimes arise when I take the time I need to get centered, grounded, focused, calm, and refreshed? What makes me believe that loving myself creates a conflict of interest between the hierarchical order of needs in my life and mind? On more than one occasion I’ve asked, “Am I being selfish?”

The difference between selfishness (defined as “being chiefly concerned with one’s own personal profit or pleasure) and being centered in or on yourself is Intention. When the question arises as a matter of either them or me it exists in the energetic level of sacrifice. But, in a world of infinite abundance, that doesn’t have to be true. If we aim to coexist with our peace these questions must be answered as “both/and.”

You can be there for the people or responsibilities that need your care AND you can care for your own needs. If you embody love, you can surrender to the possibility that there is enough to go around for everyone and all of it doesn’t have to come through you. Love abounds, regardless.

Take Your Time


Striving is the first step in moving toward your goal. It’s often as simple as allowing yourself to “want” again or acknowledging a hidden or buried desire. There’s always some truth calling your spirit regardless of what level of intention you’re experiencing.  Striving opens you up to possibility and hope, increasing your connection and desire for your goals. In striving, you become willing to see a vision and give yourself permission to wish and want what you see.

I have a thing for striving, it’s my default. I’m a doer and there’s plenty to do when you’re striving. In my mind, I’m always in pursuit. I’m never there. As a visionary and an innovator, I‘m future-focused, and striving often becomes the “never-ending means to no end.” Don’t get me wrong striving is a powerful creative force, however, it is not sustainable without a significant life structure. Persisting alone in the energy of striving will eventually gift an experience of void and lack. If you strive long enough without accomplishing your goal, you will easily dip down the scale becoming mentally and emotionally exhausted, and often physically ill.

When striving energy is required, STOP. Stay still and take time for yourself to get clear, focused, and purposeful. Most importantly, take time to implement a support and accountability structure that guides you through to completing your goal with ease and flow. Striving is an intention level full of possibility and activity. It’s where productivity and creativity can come alive to manifest your goals. Focused and supported striving is what drives real progress and connecting to purpose is what drives focus. Your goals should give light to what matters and give your effort meaning. You know what’s relevant and necessary. You also know what’s unimportant and can fall away, leaving you free to achieve, experience, and impact with joy and peace.