The Power of Presence


June 24, 2021

the power of presence

Gather Yourself

Where is your mind right now? Let’s do a check together and learn about the power of presence.

Mine is plotting my next Inner Game Plan and casually obsessing over a new revelation about the way my relationship with my mother is playing itself out in my self-talk and relationships with my children. It is busy planning a virtual birthday party and thinking about the new curtains. The mind is not bound to time and hops between the past and future like a sci-fi movie. The mind is not even bound to facts or reality. Shoot, memories lie. They have repeated things to me until I believed them as fact. Memories are mad unreliable. That mind of ours stays talking like it has a say in our today, rudely interrupting our sovereignty with struggle or talking us into settling when we could be surrendering.

Sovereignty could be your sexy summer boo, but it depends on your willingness to play. Gather yourself. Reground your mind in the present and give this moment the gift of your focused presence.

Right now, take five deep breaths and replant your mind into your physical body. Center yourself in the physical experience of this moment. Give yourself the pleasure of your full attention and feel whatever your body is truly experiencing, without judgment. Gather all of your consciousness and focus on whatever your body is feeling, right now. Use the connection you make by being present as a tool.

Now that you are HERE here and here NOW… What do you need? What pieces of you are yet to be gathered? Go get your life.

And, what’s that new Inner Game Plan hitting for?


Presence is the state of existing or occurring in any moment or space.

So I ask you, what are you present to right now…in your life, in your spirit, in your mind, or in your body? Those are all very different spaces in which to be present. What do you allow to occupy your awareness? Start from the inside out. Notice first internally, your conscious awareness to whatever bodily sensations or thoughts arise within you in the moment. Then externally to what you are seeing, hearing, and experiencing externally. What’s actually here now and what’s actually a thought from the past or projection of the future.

Presence is power because it exists right now, and now is when and where you create and impact directly. Be conscious of not only how much time and energy you spend in the past and in the future but also the impact that has on the quality of life you experience in the present. Everything you desire exists only in the present. If you want to realize your goals, dreams, and vision…

Practice Being Present.