Ep #33: Taking Mindful Action


July 1, 2020

Taking Mindful Action

We’re seeing a lot of people and organizations talking about taking action right now. Companies are coming out with action plans for diversity. We’re making plans for our own actions to further our game. But are these plans for action coming from a default mind or design mind?

Sometimes in our default minds, we think the actions we need to take are the things that keep us busy. The procedures, processes, and systems. But what would happen if we acted from our design minds? Are the actions you’re taking intentional and aligned with your vision? Are you busy or are you up to something?

In today’s episode, we’re discussing how to explore deeper and decide if your actions are coming from a place of fear or a place of mindful intention. We share why “bullshit actions” keep us in the weeds while “oh shit actions” stretch us and bring us closer to our goals. Join us as we discuss how to step out of our default minds and into mindful action.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you want to be up to something instead of busy.
  • The difference between “oh shit actions” and “bullshit” actions.
  • How structures and procedures can distract organizations from their mission.
  • How delegating can be an intentional action that moves your game forward.
  • The transformative power of understanding where actions come from.
  • How to show up in a way that doesn’t drain or diminish us.

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