Ep #22: Reclaiming Your Power


April 1, 2020

Reclaiming Your PowerFor many of us stuck at home, things aren’t going the way they’re “supposed” to go. Your family isn’t sticking to your schedule and your university-aged child has spilled all their belongings in the living room (in Dr. Roni’s case). There are snacks everywhere and you’re feeling like your power has been taken away.

Does that sound familiar? We’re all adjusting to a new normal right now and it’s going to take some time to settle in. It all starts with accepting what is and removing “should” from your vocabulary.

In this episode, we’re talking about things not going the way you think they should. We’ll discuss how each of us is handling the close quarters and then give you some concrete ways you can stay in your power. And, if you feel like you’ve completely lost control, we’ll share some ways you can reclaim your power and follow through on your intentions and commitments.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to work when everyone in your house is on spring break.
  • Why you need to let go of what should happen.
  • How to decide what you actually want and prefer to happen.
  • How to request or ask for what you want.
  • The various parenting styles and how some are more beneficial right now.
  • That your power position is always there, waiting for you to reclaim it.


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