Are You Ready For A New Chapter Of Your Life?


June 25, 2021

Ready For The Next Thing

Ready For Renewal

First things first… You and I are BIG fine. Smart, sexy, accomplished, loveable, fun, creative, interesting, alladat. You are important. But this pandemic though… Whew. Things have been sedentary, intensely introspective (in a forced-discomfort-for-growth kind of way), grey-skied and icy (in a winter-blues kind of way), isolated (in a rona kind of way), and tres snack-filled (in a this-is-the-only-joy-I-have-let-me-be kind of way).  Some days it’s got the shine looking a little bit ashy, the juice a little loose, and the luster a little flustered. Some days there’s a little more lean than gangsta, a little more “no, ma’am” than glam, and a little more thud than stud. And while we offer ourselves access to a collective spirit of grace and understanding, due to twelve straight months of extenuating circumstances, we are also ready for the next thing, renewal. 

Many of us are in desperate need of a factory reset, a control-alt-delete reboot, a go-down-in-the-water-and-come-up-anew type of spiritual cleansing. The earth knows that for everything there is a season. Yes, this is a pandemic. Your feelings about its effects, good or bad, are one hunned percent valid. AND, you are still you. You are the person who made it THIS far in your profession. You are the person who puts everything you love about your life into motion. You are the person who survived. You are the person who made up your mind to be here, leveling up once again. In fact, after the inner work you’ve been challenged to do this year, one might even argue that you are the best version of you you’ve ever been. There is a refreshed version of us begging to be revealed through bold action and radical self-love. We are infinitely glorious and magnetic under all of this pandemic-ness. Let’s all claim any current discomfort as the tightness of old skin that I, for one, am ready to shed.  

The Power Of Renewal

We celebrate your renewal. Maybe you’ve been more like an annual flower than an evergreen. Hiding just beneath the soil, waiting for the appointed time to make the garden pop with color. It is time for you to bloom, baby. Does that mean you’re finally going to drink more water like you said you would? Yes, yes it does! Does that mean you’re going to move your body and get your heart rate up again? That’s a great idea! Does it mean you’re going to try a new style or start a new morning routine that just feels good? Well, that’s refreshing! Whatever you want to do to honor the beauty and gift of a new season and a new day, do that! Harness the energetic power of newness and ride that thang like it is a Lisa Frank unicorn come to life just to take you off into the sunset of your choosing. 

The great Maya Angelou once said, “You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. Try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud.” This has been a cloudy time. (How’s that for an insufficient euphemism?) But I’m somebody, you’re somebody. Imagine if we both decide to be rainbows.  

Cheers to spring.