This is your path to the "confidence, consistency, and motivation" you need to focus and become powerful in that one area that's been undermining your success. You've been trying to"figure it out" for awhile and it's costing you time, killing your earning potential, and draining your energy. 

You don't have to figure it out by yourself. Let's POWER PLAN it together!

is a half-day virtual Power Planning Intensive where you'll join a group of powerful women and master coaches to create a clear and customized game plan to get your #1 goal handled in the next 90-days.

The Power Paradigm

The 9-month journey to self-mastery that changes how you live and achieve your life goals. Master your time, energy, and peace of mind each and every day. Be POWERFUL and then leverage your power to make a difference for others and increase your impact.

LIVE IT is an exclusive training experience to master and fully integrate our power training into your career, health, wealth, relationships and more. You've been trained in leadership, relationships, fitness, etc. - but you have never been trained to work, play, and live powerfully. Apply to LIVE IT!


Evok the Power

of Your People

The Success of Your Company is Powered by the Well-Being of Your People Well-being is a satisfactory or good condition of existence characterized by health, happiness, and prosperity.

It goes much deeper than wellness programs and creates an unmatched personal Power enabling your people to produce results.

The Success of Your Company is Powered by the Well-Being of Your People.

Evók’s Power Paradigm focuses on 9 Points of Power that, when aligned, fuel your well-being and create expanded and unprecedented results, experiences, and impact.

Standard solutions teach great information, but information alone doesn’t get the result. Some trainings inspire and motivate…for a few weeks. Some are even transformational, the leaders and teams feel a shift, but struggle with implementation so the end results don’t change.


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Coaching Certification Program


The Power Paradigm™

The Power Paradigm™ Coaching Certification Program is for existing and aspiring coaches looking for a soul changing system to get extraordinary results with clients. If you want a fully designed for you coaching system and process that includes a clear methodology, master coaching training, community, and powerful products and materials to integrate with or launch your business, let’s GO! 


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