Ep #7: Powerful Communication


November 27, 2019

Communication is one of the clearest ways that we can step into our power. When we are straight and clear in our communication, we can ask for what we want, can get clarity, and can create the results we want. But other people don’t always have the same experience when they’re on the other side of our powerful communication.

This week, Tawana is bringing us a topic to be coached on around communication. While she prides herself on being a clear and powerful communicator, she’s gotten some feedback that her communication is hurtful or too direct. How can we resolve these kinds of issues in a wide variety of relationships, from work peers to partners to close friendships?

In this episode, Dr. Roni and Radiah help Tawana coach through these questions and talk all about powerful communication that’s effective, efficient, and has a positive impact. We talk about why other people might tell themselves stories about your direct communication, how you can take on their reaction without internalizing it, and why clear communication requires you to be a grown up.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The issue Tawana is having with communication and why she is always direct in her communication.
  • Why people don’t always want direct communication and can feel hurt by it.
  • How people can perceive us as angry when we communicate from a powerful place.
  • Why holding people accountable in our communications can help resolve issues in the moment.
  • How you can create a strategy for communicating with people you have close relationships with and stay in a conversation even if it feels heated.
  • Why you have to be personally responsible for your communication and use it to exert your power.


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