Ep #65: Your New Game Needs a New Player


December 8, 2021

The Power Paradigm with Radiah Rhodes & Dr. Roni Ellington | Your New Game Needs a New Player

Today, we’re talking about all the selves: self-help, self-care, and your best self. We’re all about fixing your definitive self. But this fixing doesn’t come from a place of you actually being broken. So, if you didn’t need to fix anything and you are whole, perfect, and complete as you are, what would you then be up to? 

If you want to play a new game at the highest level, you need to put a new player in: your best self. But so many people are attached to their default identities in unhealthy ways, and that’s where the struggle is. It’s fine to fight for who you are, but when you have something you’re up to, you need to take it to the next level.

Listen in this week to discover why you don’t need fixing, but the new game needs a new player. As a human being, you are not one particular way. So, we’re encouraging you to show up and embrace the fact that you are limitless in who you can show up as in any moment, for whatever game you’re playing.

If you’re an existing coach, an aspiring coach, or any kind of leader who wants to become more masterful at facilitating a deep and sustained shift within your people, we’re inviting you to apply for our Inner Game Plan Facilitation Certification Program. We’re building an army of game-changers who are going to help flip that switch to living an abundant life, and we want you to be a part of it.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The lies we tell about fixing our default selves.
  • How so many people truly believe that they just are who they think they are.
  • Why we’re out here to coach your best self, not your default self.
  • How we sacrifice the multiple true selves that are available to us.
  • The reality that we are creators and innovators, and that is our natural state as human beings.
  • How to live into your freedom and show up in new spaces as your greater self that is available for everything life has to offer.


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