Ep #31: Money Mindset


June 3, 2020

Money Mindset

We all have different experiences and perspectives on money. Some operate from a place of scarcity and fear of never having enough, others from a place of abundance and faith that money will always come to them.

Understanding the mindset you have around money can help you understand the game you’re playing. If you believe that the only way to get money is to make it, you’re in for a whole bunch of stress. But if you believe that you are good at what you do and what you do attracts money, you can do anything.

Join us in today’s episode where we talk about our very different money mindsets and how you can level up your energy and intention around money. We are all equipped to thrive, but what we’re anchored in varies. Look at your results and see if you’re winning the game you want to be playing.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why we often attach money to our jobs or streams of income.
  • The difference between wanting and striving.
  • That there’s a greater force at work that can flow money to you.
  • How to release your stress around money.
  • How to elevate your intention level around money.
  • That your job or position is not the source of your identity.

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