Ep #3: Meet Dr. Roni Ellington, the Heart of Evók Life


October 30, 2019

Last week, we gave you a peek into how we approach power and self-mastery with a conversation about romantic relationships. Dr. Roni Ellington opened up about what game she’s playing when it comes to romantic relationships, and today we wanted to introduce you to her officially so you know who she is, what she’s up to, and what role she plays here at Evók.

Dr. Roni is a Mathematics education professor, inspirational speaker, executive coach, and STEM education scholar and mentor. Trained as a mathematics educator and life coach, Dr. Roni knows firsthand how to help people get clear and achieve excellence despite the challenges they face. Her work is grounded in the philosophy that we are all winners and can do anything we choose, even the hard stuff. She has earned her Master’s in Mathematics and a PhD in Mathematics Education, and now she is on a mission to encourage others to excel in their lives and realize their dreams.

In this episode, Tawana and Radiah talk to Dr. Roni about her life, her journey to this work, and what she does to help people gain clarity about what they’re up to. Dr. Roni talks about her unique ability to cut right to the center of people’s stories to help them really hear themselves and figure out what game they’re playing. She also shares her approach to this work and how she brings other skills and experiences from her life, including her experience as a scholar and researcher, into the transformative work we do here at Evók.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How and why Dr. Roni got started in transformational work.
  • What she brings to the Evók team and how she helps people get clarity on their stories.
  • The biggest obstacle Dr. Roni encounters when helping people do transformational work.
  • How she helps people really hear themselves by drawing on her compassionate, non-judgmental listening skills.
  • How Dr. Roni brings her scholarly and research background into her work with Evók.
  • The three things she recommends to anybody at the beginning of their self-mastery journey.


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