Ep #36: Leaders and Legends


July 22, 2020

Leaders and Legends

There is a huge conversation and call for leadership that is happening. Given the times we’re in, people are looking for leaders to take the helm and lead the charge. But what makes someone a leader? Is it their experience, authority, or ability to delegate? Can you be a manager or executive but not a leader?

Radiah has a framework for leadership similar to the intention scale. It starts with being a technician of your mission and goes all the way to being a leader and a legend. Being a leader is more than just taking responsibility for a mission and delegating tasks. It’s about carrying the torch for the mission, empowering others to act and re-inspiring them. 

Listen in as Radiah and Dr. Roni discuss what it means to be a leader today and how to show up as one in your life. We each have all of the levels of the leadership framework within us, and there is a vision that’s trying to realize itself through each of us that we need to allow despite how we feel. If we are willing to honor that and show up in that place, we will become legends.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How being a high-performer can get in the way of your leadership.
  • Why getting the job done is different than being a leader.
  • Radiah’s framework for becoming a leader and a legend.
  • What the general public means when they say they need a leader. 
  • How your leadership is a reflection of what you’re committed to.
  • What discipline is really about and how to be a disciple of what you believe.

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