Ep #4: Intention and What Striving Feels Like


November 6, 2019

Today we wanted to provide you with a snippet of the transformative work we do here at Evók.

Intention is central to what we do, but we don’t define intention like everybody else. For us, your intention is an expression of your energy. It’s the energy you bring to anything you want to accomplish, rather than the accomplishment or goal itself.

We’re using this concept of intention to talk you through one of the first steps in our Intention Scale today: Striving.

We’ll tell you all about what striving looks and feels like, why it can make you feel exhausted, and how you can focus that striving energy. Radiah also opens up about an area of life she’s currently striving in, and Dr. Roni and Tawana coach her through some of the game she’s playing.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How we define intention here at Evók and why it’s different from the common use of the word.
  • Why you have to show up in a certain way to accomplish your goals.
  • The scale we use at Evók to help you understand your intention, which is made up of your experiences and energy.
  • Why wanting something doesn’t go away once you obtain it.
  • Why striving energy isn’t bad, but has to be focused if it’s going to help you move forward.


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