Ep #27: Your Inner Game Plan


May 6, 2020

Your Inner Game Plan

For many of us staying home, it can feel like the floors have sunk and the walls are caving in. Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are put on loudspeaker because your external activities aren’t there to drown them out.

Now is a good time to notice, who are you when all your distractions and structure are taken away? What are the inner conversations you have that either aid or undermine the life you want to live?

In this episode, we’re talking about your inner game plan- who you are when everything else is stripped away. Instead of caving in to your tendency to escape discomfort, we’re encouraging you to dive deeper. With our egos in a corner, this is an opportunity to examine who we are, what we believe, and tap into the truest sense of ourselves.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What your inner game plan is and how to tap into it.
  • Why your inner game plan isn’t about productivity.
  • That your outer results are matched by your inner game.
  • The importance of facing what you’ve been deeply avoiding.
  • How to be purposeful in every moment.
  • How to experience next-level consciousness.

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