Ep #35: The Different Levels of Freedom


July 15, 2020

The Different Levels of Freedom

After recent celebrations of Juneteenth and July 4th, Radiah and Dr. Roni both have freedom on the brain. Freedom is a birthright, but there are so many life circumstances that limit our freedom or make us feel like our freedom is limited. Some of us are constantly trying to break free from something while others are trying to get freedom for something. 

What is your freedom about? It’s normal to have different levels of freedom in different areas of your life. But as Dr. Roni discusses in the sermon she’s writing, as you move up the ladder there’s a broader experience of freedom. It’s where you decide what the actual purpose of your freedom is. How does your freedom impact humanity and your legacy?

In today’s episode, Radiah and Dr. Roni discuss the different types of freedom and what happens when you go up the ladder to reach the highest level of freedom. Even though freedom is a birthright, how much of that birthright do we actually get to experience? Maybe freedom is actually a gift that requires constant investigation.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The different definitions of freedom and where they come from.
  • Why there’s no freedom when you’re a victim. 
  • What the highest level of freedom is and how it can serve you.
  • Why we’re only free for what we can see.
  • Why your freedom is a gift you can offer the world.
  • How your freedom can go up and down the ladder and evolve.

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