Ep #19: Forgiveness


March 11, 2020

ForgivenessThere are some seasons when forgiveness is on our mind a little more than usual, and this is one of them. Dr. Roni recently encountered a situation that required her to really examine her relationship to forgiveness, the energy that it creates, and what true forgiveness really is. So, we thought this would be a wonderful experience to talk about with you, because we are all being called to forgive – in ways big and small – throughout our lives.

Forgiveness raises the energy of any space it’s in. It allows us to create and hold space for the people we bump into throughout our days. It allows us to make peace with the effects we have on other people and the impact they have on us. Forgiveness is the real key to power, freedom, and life – both forgiveness of others and self-forgiveness too.

In this episode, Dr. Roni and Radiah talk through some important situations where forgiveness was necessary to create peace. We talk about why everybody is doing the best they can where they are at and how forgiveness allows us to create space for the people we love. We also discuss having the kinds of friendships that value forgiveness and don’t resort to silence or retreat when something is misaligned.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What real forgiveness is and how it frees up our energy.
  • How forgiveness allows us to expand and listen to what people might need to say to us.
  • Why we tell ourselves stories that might ignite the need for forgiveness.
  • What we need to remember about our impact on other people and the role forgiveness plays in our relationships with each other.
  • How you might be blocking yourself from experiencing love or forgiveness.


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