Ep #14: How to Feel Secure as an Entrepreneur


January 29, 2020

Here at Evók we work with quite a few entrepreneurs, as well as people who are currently in corporate but want to become business owners. But sometimes we find that current or potential entrepreneurs are striving to create “security” for themselves through their business – and that struggling energy comes through in everything they do.

Ultimately, you can’t “create” security with your business. Clients won’t want to work with you because you “need” them to feel financially secure. They will sense that energy and turn the other direction. This goes for the rest of life, too – if we think we have to rely on external things to create the results or feelings that we want, then we’ll be stuck in that sacrificing, struggling, striving energy for a long time.

In today’s episode we’re talking about entrepreneurship and why starting a business isn’t going to make you feel secure. We talk about why a business can give you freedom, how to be an entrepreneur with a secure sense of being and intention, and why we shouldn’t put the pressure on our clients to make us feel secure. We also chat about why being a business owner isn’t the right fit for everyone and how we make sure we don’t confuse our businesses with our identities.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why we don’t need to be out here always trying to “get” things – whether that’s fitness, security, or approval.
  • Why running a business is not the pathway to feeling “secure” in your finances.
  • How to remember that what happens in your business is not your identity.
  • What to do to tap into the positive energy of what you want when you’re creating something new in your life (rather than the negative energy of what you’re running away from).
  • How to tell if you’re added unnecessary or dramatic energy to your business decisions, and how to take it off.


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