Ep #41: Fear of Change


February 17, 2021

Fear of Change

Why is change so scary? Many of us believe that the devil we know is better than the devil we don’t know, but is that true? Really, the devil we know keeps us in denial, getting along, and not in reality. 

When we embrace change, we allow ourselves to live. It’s what helps us grow and evolve, starting with accepting where we are. And for many of us, surrendering to our reality is scary. 

In this episode, Radiah, Tawana, and Dr. Roni discuss what it means to fear change and if change itself is actually what scares us. Sure we all want to be safe and at peace, but is that how you’d describe your current reality? Listen in to learn how your life can be peaceful and eased, regardless of the change happening in your life.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why change can feel scary.
  • What you’re denying yourself when you deny change.
  • The differences between a safe, easy, and peaceful life.
  • What happens when you drop your resistance to change.
  • How change can look appealing without the fear.
  • Why the only decision you have to make is to make peace or make progress.

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