Ep #13: Getting Fit Vs. Being Fit


January 22, 2020

We all know that the beginning of a new year is a common time for people to “get fit.” The idea of getting fit implies that there’s some place you will eventually reach, something you’ll eventually achieve, that allows you to join the “fit” club. But we know that health and fitness are not a destination; they are a lifestyle.

This shift is an important one if you, like many people, want to get and feel healthier. It’s crucial to tell yourself the truth about what motivates you to get healthy. In this episode, Dr. Roni talks about how she’s spent 25 years “getting fit” and finally had a breakthrough in 2019 when she realized that what really motivated her to take care of herself was the fact that she wanted to be able to feel and be wealthy. You can’t really enjoy being wealthy – in time, money, friends, or anything else – if you’re not healthy enough to do the things you want to do!

In this episode, the three of us chat about Dr. Roni’s new perspective on fitness and why Tawana has resisted the idea of fitness. We talk about why we all have to embody health in our own way and why we have to tell ourselves the truth about the game we’re playing. This is a great episode for any of you who have a resolution to get fit this year – check out where you fall on our intention scale, and figure out how to honor where you’re at right now and build the structures to make health a part of your lifestyle.


What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The difference between “getting fit” and actually embodying fitness.
  • How Dr. Roni made a huge shift in her fitness after she realized her wealth and her health were linked.
  • Why embodying health/fitness will look and feel different for each of us, and why it’s important for us to tell ourselves the truth about what that is for us.
  • How to honor where you are now and step up the intention scale in a more gradual and sustainable way.
  • Why we can’t change our bodies when we believe we are bad or wrong.
  • How to work on your intention level with health and fitness, not just the “doing.”


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