Ep #21: Compassion


March 25, 2020

CompassionMore people are working remotely and staying home from their regular activities. For those of us already used to working from home, this presents a unique conundrum; being in close quarters with our loved ones… constantly. Today we’re discussing setting compassionate boundaries in this unique situation.

Compassion doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Dr. Roni can be described as kind, fair, caring, and supportive, but -self-admittedly- not necessarily compassionate. Often, setting boundaries and sticking to them can come off as not being compassionate. It takes patience, self-reflection, and intention to propose your boundaries in a compassionate way.

In this episode, you’ll hear our discussion on what it means to be compassionate, especially when your tendency is to stick to your boundaries. We’re discussing the difference between intention and impact, self-awareness, and caring for ourselves and others during suffering. We conclude that without compassion, there is no connection. And these days, connection is the most important thing.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to show compassion without sacrificing your boundaries.
  • Why acknowledging the other person’s existence and perspective is key to showing them compassion.
  • That resolution is better than cutting people off when they cross your boundaries.
  • How suffering affects our ability to show compassion and understand others.
  • How elevating your compassion results in more connection and peace.


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