Ep #37: Breadwinners and Workhorses


January 13, 2021

Breadwinners and Workhorses

We are so excited to be back with a new discussion on the show today about the narrative of the Black woman savior. Did you know that 80% of Black mothers are also the breadwinners of their families? In corporate and political settings and even in the home, Black women are expected to step up. 

This expectation comes from our history, our conditioning, and our choices. It is our innate desire to belong, but what happens when belonging doesn’t align with your inner identity and desires? 

Today on the podcast, Dr. Roni, Tawana, and Radiah discuss what it means to be a breadwinner and workhorse while still honoring who you are and getting what you want. They dive into the perks of being a breadwinner that Black women don’t get, and why no situation is a win-win if you don’t win first. If you’re going to work hard, make sure you’re working for you. 

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the Black woman savior narrative is all about.
  • Why we’re expected to be workhorses.
  • How making ourselves a priority means sacrificing our femininity.
  • The perks of being a breadwinner.
  • How to practice unwavering commitment to yourself.
  • The power that comes with navigating challenging situations with grace.

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