Ep #34: Avoidance


July 8, 2020


What are you avoiding right now? For Dr. Roni, it’s writing a chapter of a book. For Radiah, it’s writing the capability statement for her business. We all have things we care about and want to do, yet somehow, we manage to spend all our time researching, planning, outlining, interviewing, and talking about getting them done. 

There is avoidance at every level. Individually, at an organizational level, and of course, at a systematic level. We see this when a company brings in a diversity expert to help them transform, but aren’t willing to admit what they don’t know and be open. It’s easier and takes less energy to avoid. But it also doesn’t move the needle forward.

In today’s episode, Radiah and Dr. Roni are discussing the ways they’re in avoidance in their personal lives as well as the avoidance they see on organizational and systemic levels. It takes humility, willingness, and commitment to be open to transformation. And when you don’t have those things, it makes it really hard to move through avoidance to take meaningful, intentional action. If you’re ready to move up the scale, it’s time to give up the avoidance.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The ways avoidance shows up on an individual level.
  • Why “later” and the idea of the perfect time are traps. 
  • Why avoidance gets more sophisticated at a company level.
  • How to have humility and compassion and not confuse them with placating.
  • Why avoidance is really sacrificing your goals, opportunities, and vision.
  • What to do if you really want what you’re avoiding.

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